You generally have two higher educational options after graduating high school: you can either pursue a traditional university or college education and get a degree, or you can go to vocational school and get technical training.

Between the two options, more and more Americans are choosing the latter for a variety of reasons. One reason is that students can earn diplomas or certificates in a specific field that can help them find jobs more easily.

Another reason is that the length of vocational programs is often not as long as a regular college. Compared to universities, technical schools focus on a more career-intensive curriculum to help students obtain the necessary skills to join the workforce in as little as one to two years.

What’s more, unlike colleges that can leave some students in massive debt, the cost of going to vocational school can be more manageable. Depending on the type of profession a student wants to pursue, they may pay far less in tuition compared to traditional higher-ed.

For these reasons, the popularity of obtaining an education through trade or vocational school is growing in our country, and you too can be a part of this trend.

Different Types of Vocational School Careers

Once you’ve set your mind to pursuing vocational education, the next step is to choose your profession. There are several options to choose from, ranging from electrician and HVAC technician to business office administrator, medical assistant, and so much more.

Today, among the top three highest-paying trade school careers include:[1]

Air Traffic Controller

The median annual salary for this job is more than $95,000 because one of the biggest responsibilities is coordinating aircraft movements to maintain safety. To be an air traffic controller, you need maximum concentration, a steady demeanor and must learn a great deal about air traffic.

Elevator and Escalator Installer

Another high-paying vocational profession is elevator and escalator installer. Individuals in this field can earn around $82,000. Professionals with this career are typically on-call 24/7 and need to have mechanical skills to not only install elevators but also fix and maintain them. Due to the rigors of this job, professionals often get very good annual compensation.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming is another well-paying vocational job, with certified pros earning around $68,000 annually. This job involves writing and testing code to ensure that applications and software run smoothly. With tech and innovation at the forefront of lucrative industries, the demand for this profession may increase in years to come.

These are just a few examples of possible career paths you can take with technical schools. But, if you prefer, you can explore other positions, such as radiation therapist, nuclear medicine technologist, web designer and developer, and so much more. Your options are practically limitless!

Is It Possible To Go to Vocational School Online?

Yes, there are accredited online vocational and trade schools, and can help connect you with them!

But knowing what career path you want to pursue is not enough — you also need to know which school best fits your lifestyle and goals. After all, the institution, and the courses you choose, can make a big difference in your future.

There are many good trade and vocational schools throughout the country. But what if you’re eyeing a program that’s not available where you live? The solution is simple: try online trade school.

Is Online Trade or Vocational School Better Than In-person Trade School?

Well, it depends on the trade. Some trade schools will undoubtedly require most, if not all, your classes to be taken in person. After all, it’s not easy to learn welding online.

And, because everything will happen virtually, your online courses may not provide the same hands-on experience as they would when you study in person.

But despite this, you can still obtain the essential knowledge and skills to succeed in many trades. What’s more, you will have an upper hand in your education because online vocational school often gives you the power to learn on your own time and at a faster or slower pace.

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