If you’re considering getting your degree online, you may be wondering if online schools charge out of state tuition. It’s a great question, and it’s one we’ll answer for you today.

But before we do, you should be aware of some of the cost differences between earning your degree in person as opposed to earning your degree online…

Regardless of whether you’re enrolled in your home state or not.

According to EducationData.org[1], the difference in costs between traditional in-person college vs. online college can be huge.

In fact, their study shows that, on average, the cost of attending a four-year public college is $31,165 cheaper if you attend that school online. That’s an enormous savings.

For private institutions, the gap is even wider. Of course, many private schools are already far more expensive than public schools, but the dollar savings you could experience are even greater here.

EducationData.org shows that earning an online degree at a private school can be almost $125,000 cheaper than if you went to that same school in person.

So yes, earning your degree online can be much cheaper than doing so in a physical classroom, regardless of your residency status.

Now, there are many other “hidden” cost savings associated with online learning. For example, as cited in the EducationData.org report, commuters to in-person college pay an average of $1,360 a year in transportation costs.

Meal plans on campus cost about $600 more per year than preparing and eating at-home meals.

This means that the average online learner can save almost $2,000 a year on these “hidden” expenses alone!

With the obvious convenience and cost savings associated with earning your degree online instead of on campus, the question still remains…

Do online schools charge out of state tuition?

Well, according to US News & World Report, “Many online programs charge by credit hour or course rather than by semester. Total tuition costs depend on several factors, including credit hour requirements and residency.”[2]

While this sounds like online schools do, in fact, base tuition on student residency, not all online schools do. You see, some schools have policies where online students pay in-state tuition, regardless of where they live.

Essentially, every school or school system has their own policies when it comes to residency-based tuition and fees.

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Remember, the cost of earning your degree online is about $31,165 cheaper than if you earn it on campus. And if you’re looking to save even more money with an online school that offers in-state tuition to out-of-state residents, School Match Pro can help find that school or program for you.

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[1] Cost of Online Education vs. Traditional Education [2023]: Comparison (educationdata.org)

[2] What to Consider Before Paying for an Online Degree | Paying for Online Education | U.S. News (usnews.com)