There are over 155,000 phlebotomists in the United States, and they continue to be in high demand[1]. These medical technicians are responsible for drawing blood for tests, research, donations, and transfusions.

If you want to be a phlebotomist, there are several institutions you can attend. However, depending on your personal circumstances, finding the right trade or technical school to study phlebotomy might not be so easy. Fortunately, we at can take some of the stress away and help you find the right phlebotomy school for you.

Challenges of Choosing the Right Phlebotomy School

There are several factors that could make it difficult to find or select the right phlebotomy school.


Phlebotomy requires you to finish a specialized medical program and is offered by accredited institutions. These institutions may not be as common as general education providers. Hence, accessibility can be an issue.

You need to find a school that offers not only a good learning culture but is also close enough to where you live. If there are no on-campus institutions available near you, or you prefer virtual learning, you will need to find phlebotomy schools that offer online courses.

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Conflicting schedules are another factor that may make it difficult to enroll in a particular phlebotomy school. This is especially true if you have to juggle school and work or have other responsibilities that require a lot of your time.

In this case, you’ll want to choose a school that can accommodate your schedule. Alternatively, you can take fewer classes or limited sessions and find a trade school that accepts part-time phlebotomy students.


Cost is perhaps the most decisive factor when it comes to finding the right school. Phlebotomy programs can cost anywhere between $300 to $1,400. So compared to a four-year degree, it’s far more affordable. There are also some hospitals and humanitarian organizations that offer training for free.

If you’re financially fit, then this factor may be a non-issue for you. However, if you’re on a budget, you need to select a school that offers competent training at an affordable cost. You should also look at alternative payment plans or loan options if you aren’t able to cover tuition in full.

How Can School Match Pro Help You Find the Right School?

School Match Pro is a school-matching service provider that helps students of all ages conquer challenges and find the right educational institution. We have partnered with a wide range of accredited institutions and instructors from all over the United States. Hence, we have an expansive list of phlebotomy technical schools you can choose from.

We’ll help you by asking you relevant questions and providing information about schools we think will satisfy your needs.

Furthermore, we have constructed a robust network infrastructure. This facilitates fast communication relay between you and your preferred school. It could likewise help you begin your phlebotomy training journey sooner.

Our School Matching Process

At School Match Pro, we follow a simple school matching process. First, you’ll answer our “perfect school” survey. This includes questions like whether you want to study full-time or part-time or prefer online classes over on-campus ones. Then, we’ll choose the best schools that match most, if not all, of your preferences.

Next, we’ll ask your selected schools to contact you at a convenient time and provide you with all the essential details needed for you to make an informed decision.

We provide online resources on how to effectively manage school-related stress and financial issues. From accessibility to value, there are many factors that can hinder your dream of becoming a phlebotomist. We at School Match Pro will help you better manage this and find a good technical school that matches your needs.