Do you love hanging out with your friends and neighbors, doing their nails, styling their hair, or getting their makeup just right? Then why not get paid for it?

Cosmetology is a fun, engaging and high demand career with almost unlimited possibilities. With the right certifications and desire, you could even open up your own salon someday.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in the field of cosmetology (or beauty) are expected to grow at an 11% rate through at least 2031. This, according to the BLS, represents faster job growth than the average industry.[1]

What’s better, you’ve got a good chance to find a job in cosmetology, right out of beauty school!

In fact, many beauty schools place a strong priority on helping their students get a job after graduation. You see, just like people in the salon, beauty schools are very supportive and operate like a community. So, it’s almost assured that the help will be there for you when you graduate.

And did you know that there may be beauty school scholarship opportunities available to you? It’s true.

The first step to earning a potential scholarship is to enroll in an accredited beauty program. ( can help you with this). Then, you’ll have to check the eligibility requirements, see if you’re qualified and then apply.

One pro tip is to apply early and apply often!

Now, by earning a beauty school scholarship you could reduce the costs of the already reasonable tuition (compared to college), begin your studies…

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So, what kinds of jobs could you get after graduating beauty school, and what do they typically pay?

You may already know this, but there are so many different types of jobs you can get after graduating cosmetology school that it would be almost impossible to list them all here. But here are some of the most popular ones for you to consider…


Let’s begin with hairstylists. These professionals will shampoo, cut, and style hair.  As a hairstylist, you may also be responsible for scalp treatments, weaving, deep condition treatments and coloring hair. Hairstylists are most often associated with salons and make an average of $25,000 – $75,000 a year.[2]

Also in the salon, you’ll find nail technicians. Nail technicians, also known as manicurists or pedicurist, work to make their clients hands and feet look gorgeous, and make an average wage of $29,210 a year (more with good tips).[3]

Now, you can find makeup artists everywhere from salons to movie sets. The median salary of a makeup artist is $22,566 but can go well into the six figures, especially for great makeup artists that work in the entertainment industry.

In fact, if you’re skilled enough, you could make an average salary of $124,380 as a movie makeup artist.[4]

Next up we have massage therapists. These pros work to provide therapeutic benefits of stretching and working the muscles of the human body.

There’s a wide array of jobs in this field from working at spas to working for doctors, hospitals, and even professional sports teams.

The median salary for a massage therapist is around $50,000 a year but can go much higher if you specialize in sports massage therapy… with wages sometimes approaching $100,000 a year or more.[5]

Estheticians specialize in providing services in waxing, skin cleansing and facials, among other things, and are also allowed to perform makeup services. Licensed estheticians can work everywhere from spas and salons all the way to the “corporate” world as product buyers.

The average Esthetician can make an average of around $35,000 a year, without tips.[6] Injection specialists can make even more, averaging about $52,000 a year.[7]

Now, there are way too many jobs in cosmetology to list here, so we’ll conclude at the barber shop.

Barbers were most often associated with grooming men, but today’s barbers will shampoo, cut and style anyone’s hair… but still give shaves and trim beards. Another job with good tip potential, barbers make an average of between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.[8]


If you’re ready to get into a high-demand, fun community-based career in cosmetology, you’ve come to the right place. can connect you with a beauty school that’s in your area that focuses on practically any kind of career in cosmetology you’re looking for.

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