You may be wondering, “how much does college or career school cost?”  As you learn the answers (it depends), your next thought is likely this: “how do I pay for college or career school?”

Despite the cost of a higher education, a number of options exist to assist you.

How to Pay for College or Career School: Grants

Federal, state, and private grants are forms of financial aid that, for qualified students, do not need to be repaid, making them one of the best ways to pay for college or career school.

How do you get grants for college or career school? You’ll need to meet specific eligibility requirements and apply. Start by visiting this website: Here, you can learn more about federal grants and how to apply.

How to Get a Scholarship

Depending on the industry you’re studying for, related scholarships may be available to help you pay for school in exchange for future service. For example, the nursing industry offers scholarships to combat future shortages of qualified nurses.

How to Get Money for College: Loans

Public and private student loans, when carefully selected, can help qualified students solve the how-to-pay-for-college or career school dilemma. Loans, of course, need to be repaid, so it pays to do your research to find the best rates and terms. The federal government offers fixed rate and low interest loans to eligible students while private financial institutions offer numerous student loan options.

How to Pay for College: Get Credit for Experience

One of the lesser-known ways to pay for college or career school involves taking an exam and earning credit for your life experiences. The College Level Exam Program (CLEP) can shrink your college bill by certifying your existing knowledge and rewarding you with college credits.

Some employers may help you pay for career school as well. If you’re currently employed in an industry you want to stay in, with an employer you want to stay with, simply ask them about the continued education opportunities they may offer. Some employers may be more than happy to assist you in earning a certification or license.

Whether used alone or in combination, grants, scholarships, loans, employer benefits and CLEP credit can help make college and career school more affordable.