It’s no secret. People who’ve earned a master’s degree generally make more money than those who’ve only earned a bachelor’s degree. A lot more money, in fact.

The personal finance website,, notes that if you have your master’s degree, you could potentially earn almost $13,000 a year more, compared to if you only have your bachelor’s.

See, the median salary for a bachelor’s degree holder is $69,368, while the median salary for a master’s degree holder is $81,848.[1] That’s a big difference in salary, and it could be a real lifestyle changer for you.

So, if you’re looking to get a promotion and increase your salary at your current job or are looking to get a better paying job at a new company, earning a master’s degree could be a good option for you.

But earning a master’s degree takes at least two years, sometimes longer, right?

Well, traditionally, yes. However, thanks to new online learning tools, you could potentially earn your master’s degree in just a year!

And you can earn it from pretty much anywhere in America… as long as you have an internet connection.

At, we specialize in connecting people, people just like you, to accredited colleges that offer online master’s degree programs. Programs that could, depending on your field of choice, take only one year of study.

This means that when you graduate and receive your online master’s degree, you could potentially be qualified for a promotion and begin earning more money…

Or possibly be an attractive candidate for a new, higher paying job at another company.

Now, keep in mind, a one-year master’s degree program will be more intensive than your traditional 2-year program and will require a lot more focus from you.

However, many of these one-year programs will still allow you the flexibility to keep working during the day, while attending online classes at night. Essentially, although one year master’s degree programs are a faster way to earn your degree, they take a lot of dedication to complete on time, but you may still be able to continue earning a paycheck while you’re doing it!

So, what kinds of online master’s degree programs are there?

Well, at, we can connect you with accredited colleges that offer a wide array of master’s programs. Even one year master’s degree programs.

Programs like:

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Master’s in Education (M.Ed.)

Master’s in Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Master’s in Psychology (MS)

Master’s in Public Health (MPH)

Master’s in Information Technology (MSIT)

Master’s in Finance (MSF)

Master’s in Management (MIM)

Plus, many more!

Of course, we understand that everyone has their own individual needs, their own individual lifestyles, their own individual timeframes, and their own individual goals.

That’s why we’ll only connect you with schools that match what you want out of your education, not what educators want out of you.

You see, has a singular focus; and that’s to help you succeed…

And if success means the potential for a better paying job, one that could mean as much as $18,000 more a year in your bank account, you should consider earning your online master’s degree with a School Match Pro partner institution, as soon as possible!

Your future belongs to you, and you, alone. Take the next step to further pursue you dreams with

[1]Average College Graduate Salaries | Bankrate