If you’ve just graduated high school, or earned your GED, congratulations! The world is your oyster. You have so many opportunities ahead of you, including starting work immediately, enrolling in a trade or vocational school, or enrolling in college… to name a few.

Now, if you’ve found that college is the right path for you, you may already be considering enrolling in an online college, rather than an in-person college. And, you may have already discovered there’s a lot of reasons why online college may be a better option for you – namely cost and convenience – but you may be wondering if online college is for “adult” learners only… and not recent grads.

Well, today we’ll show you why online college is not only for adults already in the workforce, but for anyone looking to continue their education to improve their job prospects.

You see, while online college used to be mostly for “adult” learners looking to get more educational skills to improve their careers, it’s now for everyone!

In fact, SchoolMatchPro.com specializes in connecting both adult learners and new grads to online learning opportunities. More precisely, we help people get connected to an accredited online college that best fits their educational goals, their timeframes, and their life schedules.

We’ll show you how in just a minute.

First, Inside Higher Ed, says, a national survey conducted in 2022 suggests that the number of high school juniors and seniors planning to attend fully online colleges has more than doubled since before the pandemic.”[1]

The publication goes on, “Not only is online college typically priced lower than in-person college, but some programs are competency based, which can accelerate progress to the degree. Further, online students often have more flexibility to work while attending college, which can reduce opportunity costs.”

So, if you’re worried about not having anyone in your age group taking online classes, and collaborating on group projects with you, you don’t have to be. Chances are there could be a bunch of students in your online program who are just like you.

And, if you’re worried about missing out on the opportunity to work while still earning your degree, well, you may not have to worry about that either!

See, with online college often being less expensive than attending the same school in-person, and all the flexibility that comes with learning online well known, getting your degree from an accredited online college could very well be the best option for you.

And yes, you can earn the same degree, with the same quality education online as you can earn in-person. Even better, many of the accredited online colleges in the School Match Pro network offer degree programs that could be completed even faster than if you attended in-person.

Now that you know that online college is not just for “adult” learners, it’s time to find a school that best matches what you’re looking for.

Here’s how:

Just visit SchoolMatchPro.com’s home page, click on “Access Free Resources Now” and you’ll see exactly what kind of opportunities await you…

Opportunities that fit your unique life and lifestyle…

Opportunities that can help catapult you into lifelong and careerlong success.

Again, congratulations on finishing high school or your GED. The world is indeed your oyster.

Get out there and take advantage of it!

[1] More traditional-age students enroll at fully online universities (insidehighered.com)