Do you want to work on rockets? How about wind turbines, roller coasters, pipelines, or offshore oil rigs? If so, then going to welding school can be your launching pad to one of these exciting careers, and many others.

You see, welding school offers students a very wide array of post-graduation career paths; many of which pay very well and are in very high demand. In fact, the American Welding Society says that by 2027, the US will need about 90,000 new welders to fill demand.[1]

Even better are the salaries. Welders, those who have taken certification classes or received an associate degree in welding, can make great money. In fact, some specialty welders can make upwards of $200k a year![2] has direct connections to schools that offer both welding certificates and associate degrees in welding. So, if you’re looking for a great career path, we’ll show you how you can connect with a program that best fits your needs, in just a moment.

First, what are the career opportunities for welders, and how much money do they make?

There are 10 common kinds of welding careers you can pursue after you’re either certified or have received your associate degree.[3]

They include:

Construction welders who help construct buildings and bridges.

Manufacturing welders who build or repair industrial components.

Structural steel welders who create steel framework for things like skyscrapers.

Sheet metal welders help create the bodies of cars, boats, and airplanes.

Industrial maintenance/shutdown welders specialize in welding damaged equipment.

Rig welders work in the oil and gas industry, building and maintaining rigs.

Pipefitters often also work in oil and gas, fitting, and welding metal pipes.

Shipyard welders construct and assemble ships like cruise liners and tugboats.

Military welders are part of the US Armed Forces and have an array of responsibilities.

Underwater welders are divers who work in deep-sea conditions like offshore oil rigs and under the hulls of ships.

While these are the 10 most common types of welding careers, there are actually many more. So, how much do welders make?[4]

At the bottom end of the salary range, welding technicians make a median salary of $43,000 a year, with fabricators making about $44,000 a year. The middle-level welders, like pipefitters and structural steel welders make a median annual salary of about $54,000.

Now, on the higher end of welding careers you have underwater welders earning a median annual salary of $68,000; with welding research scientists making a median salary of $87,000. But like we said earlier, some specialty welders can earn $200k a year or more!

But before you begin earning those big bucks, you’ll first need to get a certification or associate degree in welding.

And perhaps the best way to accomplish this, is by letting connect you with a school that best matches your current lifestyle and career goals. And it’s a snap!

Just go to our homepage and click on “Access Free Resources Now” and your journey to a new, fun, and exciting career in welding begins! 

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