Computers have become a part of our world in obvious and not-so-obvious ways. Personal computers and Smartphones are now ever-present. Chances are you use one every day. It is no stretch to say that we are dependent on information technology and the professionals who bring these solutions to our everyday lives.

Information technology is a booming industry with programmers, developers, computer coders and technicians competing to stay on the cutting edge of scientific and technological advancement. The new global economy is run on the collaboration of great minds across digital lines.

Computer-savvy professionals are in high demand and earn high wages for their work. Software engineers, who face the difficult challenge of programming reliable, efficient, and affordable systems, often make six-figure salaries, for example.

Professionals who are trained and/or certified to implement and maintain these systems can also make an excellent living starting out with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, while others like computer coders can make a fantastic living after attending coding bootcamps.

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