Clearly, divinity has a big societal footprint in every culture. But it also has a surprisingly large impact on academia too.

Students of religion find that their work applies to every part of their lives, but it can also be a foot in the door to becoming a respected voice in, and for, the community.

There are many online degree programs in religion that prepare students for leadership roles in their communities. They allow individuals who are passionate believers to deepen their understanding of religious texts, philosophy, and history, and to connect with fellow students, marrying faith with knowledge.

Aside from these innate qualities, a degree in religion is a springboard for a theological career.

If you’re not keen on seminary school or an 8-year investment on a theology doctorate, enrolling in an online Associate or Bachelor of Religion program is a good alternative.

Christian Studies students, for example, take an in-depth approach to reading the Bible, reviewing Christian doctrines, and understanding church organization and leadership. But this is not exclusive to Christian studies; it goes for all religious studies.

You can earn an online associate degree in religion, focusing on:

  • Public speaking
  • Religious doctrine
  • World civilization
  • Social science
  • Interpretation of religious texts

You can earn an online bachelor’s degree in religious studies, focusing on:

  • The ancient history of Israel
  • Politics and religious theory
  • The role of women in religious history
  • Theology of Islam
  • Modern religious philosophy
  • Catholicism in the modern world

You can earn an online bachelor’s degree in religion, focusing on:

  • The history of Christianity
  • Religions of the world
  • Modern theological thought
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • The teachings of Muhammad
  • Education and religion

You can also earn a master’s degree online in the form of a Master of Arts in Theology. Here, you can study:

  • Ministry and leadership
  • Faith and society
  • Theology and feminism
  • Ethics and theology
  • Spirituality and religious mysticism
  • Comparative religion

Or for those interested in earning an online Ph.D. In Theology, you can focus on:

  • Science and religion
  • Semitic languages and ancient texts
  • Theology of the Old Testament
  • Study of Hinduism and the Vedas
  • Religion and literature
  • History of the Islamic faith

Of course, these fields of study within religion are just some of the many available through School Match Pro.

Now, different programs focus on Youth Ministry, Urban Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Counseling, or Worship Studies. Many programs also give a brief overview of world religions and customs to put students’ own beliefs in context.

The broad range of application ensures that a faith-based career won’t limit you to churches, mosques or temples. Some incorporate the arts, such as music instruction, into the curriculum. Others are in religiously pluralistic, multicultural environments like prisons, geriatric homes, and hospitals.

Possible career choices for students with academic credentials in religious studies include Clergy Leader, Educator, Lay Leader, Chaplain, or Missionary. Others may work for nonprofit or charitable organizations. What all these theological professionals have is more than just a job: It is a lifelong dedication for committed, patient and passionate individuals.

For those interested in earning and online degree in religious studies, School Match Pro is a great resource. We have connections with the best religious schools across America. Our network of religious schools allows you to earn your online degree at your best convenience, and within your budget.