A master’s degree can be an important step in anyone’s career. If you are interested in better job opportunities, higher salaries, and more professional respect, a master’s degree may prove incredibly useful.

A great place to start moving toward advancement of your career goals is through exploring an online master’s degree. School Match Pro has partnered with some of America’s best online master’s degree programs, from some of the top online colleges and universities in America, to help you succeed.

Now, the most common designations in a master’s program are Master of Arts (MA), and Master of Science (MS). Both types show mastery in a specific field of study. There are no hard and fast rules about whether a post-secondary institution offers an MA or MS online, but by using School Match Pro, you can find out in a jiffy.

Both these master’s degrees are awarded in traditional areas of the humanities, sciences, and arts. An MS is also given to graduates in technical fields, like engineering. These differences depend more on the college or university granting the degree and have very closely matched academic requirements to fulfill.

By earning a master’s degree online, you will participate in a mixture of research and course-based curriculum in most programs. Typical programs incorporate graduate level courses, a final capstone course, master’s thesis or dissertation, and its defense through an oral examination.

Most graduate students at the master’s level feel like they are accommodated as adult learners, finding these types of programs online to be very amenable to their very busy lifestyle.

Accomplished in one to three years, this advanced graduate degree can also be found as a professional degree, such as a Master of Business Administration or MBA.

With professional master’s degree programs there is a greater emphasis on training skills for practical application. For instance, in an MBA program you would gain skills that would aid in attaining leadership positions in a business environment by studying corporate policies, executive leadership practices, and advanced communication strategies.

Going back to school for a master’s degree online will give you greater professional status, and more flexibility in your career choices…

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Now that undergraduate degrees have become more common, extending your studies an additional two years or so beyond your bachelor’s degree could open doors for your career. Far fewer people have a master’s degree than a bachelor’s degree, so this advanced academic accomplishment could really set you apart from the pack.

A master’s degree is also an excellent way to build upon knowledge and skills you have already attained from finishing your bachelor’s degree and working in your field. Whether you want to continue on your original path, but online, or want to make a move into a different direction through specialization, School Match Pro will help get you there!