With the ever-changing jobs market and an overfocus on the traditional education system, it can be quite challenging for students to find schools and courses that suit them. Further, it can be difficult for many to find rewarding work in a career after they’ve graduated a typical 4-year college.

But times are changing.

SchoolMatchPro.com aims to shed light on the importance of skilled workers, the rising demand for them, and how going to a career-focused school may be the best choice for you, even if you’ve already earned college credits or degrees.

What Are Skilled Workers?

As the name suggests, skilled workers are individuals who possess certain skills, usually obtained through special training and experience. The type of training, however, varies from one skill to another, and often comprises an understanding of both complex mental and physical tasks.

People who fall under some of these categories may have backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math, otherwise known as STEM. But not all of them!

Many skilled workers may not be the best at math or technology but are great at fixing and creating things.

Some professionals who are considered skilled laborers include carpenters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, technicians, painters, ironworkers, and nurses.

Why Are Skilled Workers Essential in the Workforce?

While recent history shows that trade labor has been misunderstood or overlooked by many people, the reality is that trade jobs, or skilled workers, can provide excellent career opportunities.

This may be especially true if you’re looking for a stable profession that is in high demand, and unlikely to be eliminated by technologies like artificial intelligence. And skilled workers are desperately needed.

There are millions of unfulfilled trade jobs in America, 500,000 of which are in manufacturing alone. Based on recent statistics, companies that require plumbers have increased job postings by 24 percent within a month, roofer job openings have increased by 50 percent, carpenters by 12 percent, construction by 17 percent, and electricians by 15 percent.

You might wonder why skilled workers are so important. Why are they in such high demand today?

Companies are in search of skilled workers to build their teams because they offer advantages that other types of labor can’t offer. Additionally, the focus on traditional four-year education has left a huge skills gap in the workforce.

Simply put, there aren’t enough plumbers, electricians, nurses, carpenters, welders, and mechanics. In fact, there’s an incredible need for almost all skilled workers, and as our population grows, this need may only grow too.

Perhaps the best part about being a skilled worker, like a plumber for example, is you won’t have to sit in an office all day under the fluorescent lights. Instead, you can go out in the field, work indoors our outside, meet new people who really need your services, and be far more independent than an office worker.

Skilled workers are highly essential in the workforce. They offer unique skills and advantages to help every company thrive to the fullest. If you think that a skilled worker position is a job for you, we can assist you in finding the right career school to help get you there.

SchoolMatchPro.com specializes in matching students of all ages, including adults who are looking to change careers, with schools, programs and courses that can help them on their career journey.

Our economy is in desperate need of skilled workers. If you are looking to change the trajectory of your career path, and want to learn the skills that are needed, Simply visit SchoolMatchPro.com to see all the programs available in your area.