Many individuals utilize online courses in this digital era to gain essential educational knowledge. Whether your goal is attaining a degree or acquiring expertise in specialized trades, there is an abundant selection of online courses that can meet your needs. has compiled a list of the most searched online courses of 2023. Keep reading to learn more about these courses and how our school-matching services can be essential to your educational journey!

  1. Project Management

Are you looking to hone your project management skills? It is essential for many professionals, especially in IT and construction, to understand project management basics. Project management courses will give you better insight into budgeting and scheduling. But that’s not all; you’ll also be equipped with the ability to lead and manage risks associated with any project effectively.

MBA students can also benefit from this course, which will help them develop a strategic management mindset.

  1. Data Science

Data science is a growing field, as it has become essential for companies to understand and use the huge amounts of available data in our highly technological world. In this course, you will learn data analysis, machine learning, and more. It’s also perfect for those in the business or financial industry looking to learn a valuable skill.

Online technical schools also offer data science courses so you can learn the basics of coding and database concepts. These courses also provide the possibility of earning a certification.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

With the technological advancements of this digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become essential for many businesses. AI is used in virtually every industry, so it’s necessary to understand the basics.

These courses are a great starting point if you want to get your feet wet in AI. They will give you an introduction to the basics and potential applications of AI and provide an opportunity for hands-on experience with predictive analytics, robotics, and computer vision!

  1. RN to BSN Program

Are you an ambitious registered nurse curious about advancing your career? With the RN to BSN online program, nurses with an associate degree or nursing diploma can further their education. This innovative program can provide students with extensive knowledge in essential areas such as evidence-based practice, health promotion, leadership, and quality improvement.

If you’re driven to take your nursing background to the next level and attain higher positions, then this program could be a dream come true for you. The Bachelor of Science in nursing puts you on the path towards reaching your professional goals by achieving substantial success in your field — now and down the road.

  1. Software Development

Taking a course in software development can be incredibly beneficial! This pathway enables you to gain foundational knowledge in the essential programming languages needed for web or mobile development.

By honing these coding skills, software developers can easily craft perfect solutions tailored to their needs. Moreover, these associate degree trade school classes offer the opportunity to learn more about the theory and principles behind creating software applications and efficiently tackle any issues.

This is an excellent opportunity for those aiming to earn a degree in computer science to establish a strong foundation. Once you have learned what it takes to become a software developer and apply your acquired skills, a world of possibilities becomes available.

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