Certificate Programs That Can lead To A High Paying Career

February 1, 2024

If you want to advance your career without having to earn a college degree, School Match Pro has good news for you. Great news, actually. See, there are wonderful career paths you could follow (no four-year degree needed) if you choose to enroll in a certificate program.

In fact, by enrolling in a postsecondary certificate program (and completing it), you could make about $4,000 more a year than someone with just a high school diploma.[1] In some cases, as you’ll see below, you could make a whole lot more than that.

Now, if the potential to earn more money with a postsecondary certificate is something you’re interested in, then School Match Pro has you covered. In just a minute we’ll show you what we mean, and how we can help find you a postsecondary certificate program that’s a good fit for you.

But before we show you how we can help, there are a number of certificate programs that can lead you to a high paying career; and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of these careers can help you rake in about $100k a year or more.[2]

And remember, you don’t need a four-college degree for these jobs, you do need plenty of training and you’ll need to be certified, however.

Ready for them?

Here they are, with the median salaries associated with them… in no particular order.

  • Ships Engineer: After completing your postsecondary certificate program, and having plenty of time on the water, you’ll need to get licensed by the US Coast Guard in order to earn a median salary of $87,300 a year.

  • Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician: With your postsecondary certification from an aircraft maintenance technician school, earning your Aviation Mechanic Technician certification, you could be on the road to getting licensed and earning a median of $70,010 a year.

  • Certified Electrical and Electronics Repair: Your post-secondary education in this field can help land you a job that pays about $64,190 a year.

  • Fire Investigator/Inspector: Having previous experience as a firefighter and earning your credentials from a tech school means you could earn a median salary of $60,450 a year.

  • Commercial Pilot: Flying commercial goods around the globe requires a lot of training and flight time. With training, at least 250 hours of flight time and your commercial pilot license, you could earn about $103,910 a year.

  • First Line Supervisor for Firefighters and Prevention Workers: Another job that may require you to become a firefighter first, you could earn about $80,150 a year once you become certified.

  • Commercial Driver: Like a commercial pilot, you don’t need a college degree to move goods around the country. Getting your certification means you could earn a median salary of $68,300 a year.

  • Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist: Like almost all cosmetologists, you’ll need your postsecondary certificate. But, to get into this hypercompetitive field, and earn a median of $96,370 a year, you’ll need a lot of networking skills too.

  • Auto Insurance Appraiser: A postsecondary certificate program will teach you the skills to properly assess automobile values and monetary damages after an accident, for example. You could earn about $69,380 a year.

  • Pilots, Captains, and Ships Mates: There are a number of schools that can get you your certificate in this “high seas” field… which could lead you to earning a median salary of $95,210 a year.

You see, there are opportunities out there for people who want to further their education and job prospects without having to earn a four-year college degree. If any of these programs (or any other certificate programs) interest you, here’s what to do next…

Go to’s homepage and click on “Begin Your Search.”

It’s as easy as that!

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