Here’s How Much Money  Massage Therapists Make…

Here’s How Much Money Massage Therapists Make…

December 27, 2023

Why You Should Consider Massage Therapy School

At some point in your life, chances are you’ve gotten a professional massage. They feel great, can ease your pain, can help you boost your energy and offer some incredible relaxation. But did you know that the person giving you that massage probably went to massage therapy school?

And they can get paid pretty good after graduating too.

It’s true. See, while most states have their own rules and regulations when it comes to massage therapist licensing, the person who is loosening your muscles, working out the knots and cramps and leaving you feeling refreshed probably went to massage therapy school.

And maybe you should consider going to massage therapy school too.

But how do you even find a massage therapy school near you?

Well, has connections with massage therapy schools in your state that can not only teach you how to properly work the human body but can help get you licensed and ready to work in a jiffy.

See, most massage therapy programs last only one or two years, which is much faster than going to regular college…

And going to massage therapy school is far more affordable than going to regular college too.

And like we said, you could get paid pretty good after you graduate. In fact, the average massage therapist makes about $57k a year (plus some good tips). But some places and specialties can pay massage therapists even more than that.[1]

You could work in a spa, a hotel or resort, a salon, a doctor’s office or even start your own massage services yourself.

Imagine working at a beachfront resort!

The possibilities are endless.

But maybe even better, when you become a licensed massage therapist you can oftentimes make your own schedule, you get to build relationships directly with your clients, and you could have some incredible job security.

How secure? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for massage therapists will grow by 32% by 2030. That means your services could be in very high demand.[2]

All you have to do is go to massage therapy school first, then the opportunities will open up for you.

So, if you’re looking for a great work-life balance, want good job security and good pay (don’t forget the tips) and are looking for a career that offers great flexibility and the potential to start your own business…

Becoming a licensed massage therapist may be the right career path for you.


Perhaps the best way to find a massage therapy school near you is to visit our homepage,, and click on “Begin Your Search Now.”

School Match Pro is here to help you launch your fun, exciting and rewarding new career in massage therapy. All you need to do is click!

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