Majoring in One of These Online Programs Could Lead To A Great Paying Job

January 11, 2024

If you’re considering going to college but aren’t sure about the benefits attached to earning a degree, or what to even consider majoring in, SchoolMatchPro.com is here to help.

You see, no matter what age you are, or whether you’ve earned any college credits already or not, SchoolMatchPro.com can connect you with a school or degree program that suits what you’re looking for out of your education.

For many of us, that means simply learning new skills or broadening our horizons.

But for others, going to college and earning a degree is all about landing a new or better paying job.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the majors to consider if you are looking to potentially make good money after earning your degree.

But before we show you some majors to consider, you should know that all the majors you see below can be studied online!

Meaning you could earn your degree in these majors from the comfort of your own home, and oftentimes at your own pace.

Now, the majors you see below aren’t for everyone. In fact, most of them, as you’ll see, may require you to learn a lot of math. But if you’re not the best at math but still want to pursue these majors, don’t worry, that’s what teachers are paid to help you with. You just may need a little extra study time.

Of course, there are plenty of other majors you should consider if you simply don’t want to do any math at all. And to assist you here, you should check out our BLOG, and we’ll show you what non-math-oriented degrees you could earn, what trade school or vocational school programs or micro degrees could be valuable to you, and which kinds of jobs you could get once you do.

Now, here are 10 majors to consider while pursuing an online degree, as noted by our friends at CNBC.[1]

And the median salaries associated with these degrees.

Economics: $85,000

Computer Science: $100,000

Transportation Sciences and Technologies: $85,000

Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration: $100,000

Information Sciences: $84,000

Management Information Systems and Statistics: $89,000

Health and Medical Preparatory Programs: $87,000

Applied Mathematics: $85,000

Physics: 90,000

Statistics and Decision Science: $84,000

Like we said earlier, these majors you see all require at least some math classes (many require a whole lot of math) in order for you to earn your degree. But the median salaries associated with these majors mean that if you’re already a math lover, these could be great choices.

Keep in mind, the kind of degree and the track of study you pursue is all up to you. And choosing the right school or program that fits what you really want, well, it used to be a difficult task.

Not anymore!

SchoolMatchPro.com has taken the stress out of the process. Simply click on “Begin Your Search Now” on our homepage. Once you do, you’ll see that the world is your oyster, and there are programs out there that fit what it is that you really want.

[1] Highest-paying college majors if you don't want to study engineering (cnbc.com)


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