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What Exactly Are Accredited Online Colleges & Universities?

February 15, 2024

Thinking about going back to college, or attending one for the first time, but are unsure what kind of school you should attend? Well, today, is here to answer one very important question for you regarding colleges and universities. Specifically, online colleges and universities. And the answer to this question can help you decide what kind of school you might want to consider going to.

And that question is this: “what are accredited online colleges and universities?”

Well, before we answer that question, and we show you perhaps the easiest way to find an accredited online college or university that best fits your needs, let’s give you a brief history of online colleges. A very brief history.

Beginning about the mid 1800’s you could actually earn a degree without having to attend in-person classes. This was called a correspondence degree. You would’ve gotten your courses in the mail, then completed them and sent back to the institution. Of course, there we no computers back then… but this was distance learning.

Skip forward over 125 years when the internet become widely used, and online colleges became “a thing.” Now, you may be thinking online colleges started in the 2000’s, but the first online school actually began in 1989!

Then, in 1999, the first accredited online college began.[1]

Today, there are plenty of online colleges and universities to choose from and the degree you earn from one is often recognized just as much as an in-person degree.

That is, if the online college you attend is accredited.

So, what is an accredited online college or university?

Simply put, it’s acknowledgment that the institution maintains a certain level of standards, and the education is recognized.

Many colleges have regional accreditation as opposed to national accreditation.


There’s an important difference here.

Schools with national accreditation may or may not allow you to transfer any credits you’ve already earned, while regionally accredited schools will likely accept transfer credits.

Essentially, regionally accredited online colleges and universities actually hold more prestige than nationally accredited ones. However, when you choose an online college, you’ll want to be certain it’s accredited at some level.

Because if the school isn’t accredited at all, the degree you earn may not be recognized. And that would be a shame, and a great waste of your time and money. believes in educational transparency. And it’s important for you to know which kind of online college is best for you, and which has the potential to bear you the best fruits after graduation. That’s why we partner with accredited online colleges and universities. We make our relationships, for you!

These are schools that maintain educational standards and offer you the opportunity to earn a degree that’s actually recognized. And once you put that degree on your resume, employers should know it’s just as good as the one earned from the physical, in-person school.

School Match Pro has connections to online colleges and universities with several key factors for you to consider. Factors like accreditation, size, and cost, to name a few.

Most of the schools and colleges in our network are accredited by an agency that’s recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or an international accrediting body.

Yes, accreditation should be important to you. And connecting you with an accredited institution is important to us.

So, what’s one of the easiest ways to find an online accredited college or university?

Well, simply go to’s homepage, and click on “Begin Your Search Now” …

And a whole world of opportunity will open up!

Congratulations on choosing to continue your education.

[1] Jones International University - Wikipedia


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